Healing Sound Meditation

Open yourself to a world of peace, serenity and conscious love towards yourself, the others and your life 


Deep meditation with sounds that help balancing your inner energy.

The goal in all healing, meditative, spiritual and transformational pursuits is to raise an individual’s vibratory frequency and thereby changing a person’s nature of being, restoring the intrinsic state of balance.
Specifically the Himalayan Singing Bowls are one of the most ancient channels to help the person to get back to her/his state of balance.

Singing Bowls Sessions are to treat:

  • Insomnia
  • Repetitive Mental Patters
  • Anxiety, Stress, Deep sadness, etc
  • Physical Pain: Menstrual Cramps, Back Pain, Stomach Ache, etc

We offer:

Himalayan Singing Bowls Workshops – Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 – Introductory Workshop to Himalayan Singing Bowls

You will learn more about the history and the benefits of this ancient instrument. And as well, you’ll learn:

  • How to do a Self-treatment
  • How to clean the aura with the bowls
  • How to apply the bowls over the body

Level 2 – Getting Deeper in Healing with the Himalayan Singing Bowls

We will get deeper into the benefits of the Singing Bowls and you will learn:

  • Getting deeper on how to play the Singing Bowls for yourself and a group
  • Different ways to carry an individual session

Maximum attendance per level: 10 people.

Group Sessions – Himalayan Singing Bowls Harmonization

In a session of 1 hour and 30 minutes we will do some exercises to open the energy channels in our body. We will do a brief meditation and then we continue with the singing bowls harmonization for 50-60 minutes. After we all come back from our relaxation state there will be some time for group integration if needed.

Private Sessions – Singing Bowls Customized Harmonization, based on person needs

In a session of 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours we first do a checking on the blockages to work on in the session, then we will do specific exercises to open the energy channels in our body. We will do a brief meditation and then we continue with the bowls harmonization all around your body depending on your needs. We will work on the bowls for 50 to 60 minutes and come back very slowly. We will finish with an integration chat.

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What is Medicine Music?

I discovered Medicine Music some years ago. And it was through the Singing Bowls Sessions when I finally realize that Medicine Music was actually a Music Genre itself that integrates all music genres. It can be whatever type of music we listen to: classical, reggae, jazz, soul, pop, rock n’roll, latin, etc. It can also be considered prayers (like the mantras) towards our inner God/Goddess or towards Mother Earth.

The important thing about Medicine Music is the way it makes us heal. Medicine Music changes our energy. With this idea, Medicine music will guide us towards a state of happiness, peacefulness and acceptance of ourselves that will be translated into pure love towards the whole universe; including Mother Earth, who at this moment needs our help very much.

festival saturadaYou can find a great example of Medicine Music at this Medicine Music Festival that takes place in Peru every two years and where I collaborate actively. This festival is 3-4 days of prayers translated into music, aimed at helping to transform human consciousness.

How Healing Sound Meditation started?

In 2014, while I was having difficult moments in life I decided to attend a Singing Bowls Harmonization in Mexico where I was living at that time. After being in contact with the singing bowls for one afternoon I returned home and discovered that my fears had melted away. My inner energy was harmonised and I was in a complete peace.

After that experience I got my training with Geoffrey Torkington at Tepoz Cuencos Tepoztlán. This is how I decided to start working with the Singing Bowls and the beginning of Healing Sound Meditation.

The explanation on how the harmonization through the singing bowls works is due to the fact that our body is composed of 70% water and the vibrations that the bowls generate work directly with the water that is inside us. They harmonize 70% of our body. I like to compare the effect of the vibrations of the bowls with the effect that the moon has on the sea: the bowls generate tides in our water causing us to recover the balance.

cuencosAfter working during 4 years with these wonderful instruments and experience their effects within myself. I also have been able to see people healing from different issues and most of them insomnia, anxiety, stress, deep sadness, menstrual cramps, etc.


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