Welcome to Healing Love n’Light


Thank you for reading this site. Probably if you arrived here it is not by chance.

Healing Love n’Light comes from an inner need to be part of a common goal: expand love and consciousness around the globe. With the Singing Bowls harmonizations I help others to find their inner peace. And I put myself in service for others whom have something to offer. We get to give ourselves and to give ourselves to others and like this together we heal.

In this site you will find:

  • Medicine Music with Healing Sound Meditation. Private and Groups Himalayan Singing Bowls Harmonizations. To re-connect with our inner energy and balance it, helping the disappearance of physical and mental pain.
    • Himalayan Singing Bowls Workshops
    • Buy Singing Bowls from Nepal – Contact me for more information
    • Music CD with Himalayan Singing Bowls Sessions
  • Womb Blessing Sessions – Authorize Moon Mother by Miranda Gray
  • Services of Marketing On-Line for everyone that prefers to delegate all administrative and promotion concerns so they can concentrate in creating.

About Ana


Ana channelize the energy thought the Himalayan Singing Bowls. Formed in Mexico by Tepoz Cuencos Tepoztlán. Has traveled through different countries like Mexico, Perú, Ecuador, USA, Spain, Italy and Egypt, offering harmonizations and healing meditations.

Ana strongly believes in the capability of the himalayan singing bowls to harmonize our energy and heal our mind.

For Ana, serving is the best way to self-realization. “Helping others to bring messages that can transform human consciousness is a gift and it makes me feel part of something big towards the real purpose on why we are all here”.

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